Red Sun Karate News 2020

Dan Grading


On Sunday 20th December, 2020 a selection of students undertook Kyu Grade Examinations in an attempt to gain their next grade. After some great performances, the following students gained new Kyu Grades:-

Lucia Larner - 10th Kyu
Mark Hartley - 9th Kyu
Wendy Hartley - 9th Kyu
Matthew Hartley - 9th Kyu
Meghan Hartley - 9th Kyu
Lennon Roddy-Firth - 9th Kyu
Auryn Haynes - 9th Kyu
Seren Haynes - 8th Kyu
Jack Buono - 7th Kyu

Natalie Hamilton, 3rd Dan
Lisa Foley, 3rd Dan

Assistant Examiners:-
Serap Kilic-Turner, 3rd Dan
Rebecca Worthington, 2nd Dan

Later the same day, we held a Pre-Dan course and Dan Grade Examination were students either take a Pre-Dan Assessment for future Dan Grading or take Dan Grade Examination. After completing a successful course and examination, the following student passed their Dan Grade Examination:-

Harry Hodgkinson - 2nd Dan

Ian Swain, 7th Dan (Association Chief Instructor)
Peter Bibby, 6th Dan (Club Chief Instructor)

Dan Grading

Thursday 19th March, 2020

On Thursday 19th March, 2020 two of our senior students from the Red Sun Dojo in Coppull took Dan Grade Examinations under the watchful eye of Red Sun Chief Instructor Peter Bibby, 6th Dan. After a challenging examination, Gary Lloyd passed Nidan and Serap Kilic-Turner passed Sandan. A very well done to both of you.

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