Red Sun Karate News 2023



Congratulations to the following students who graded this today:
Es’zmae Pressler - 9th Kyu
Harry Culshaw - 9th Kyu
Heidi Bluer - 9th Kyu
Bobbi Sharples - 9th Kyu
Bonnie Lee - 9th Kyu
Cristian Horumba - 9th Kyu
Alex Horumba - 9th Kyu
Alfie Ashall - 9th Kyu
Kathryn Naylor - 8th Kyu
Jack Hurst - 8th Kyu
Jack Williams - 8th Kyu
Leia Smith - 7th Kyu
Hareesh Pakeerathan - 7th Kyu
Abinash Pakeerathan - 7th Kyu
Mark Naylor - 7th Kyu
Lawrence Spooner - 7th Kyu
Elijah Latham - 6th Kyu
Sam Clarkson - 6th Kyu
Katie Jennings - 5th Kyu
Bailey Munt - 4th Kyu
Oliver Tickle - 4th Kyu
Cameron Littler - 4th Kyu
Kai Marlow - 4th Kyu
Matthew Hartley - 4th Kyu
Meghan Hartley - 4th Kyu
Lilly-May Bentham - 4th Kyu
Wendy Hartley - 3rd Kyu
Amy Wyche - 3rd Kyu
Abi Hill - 3rd Kyu
Aiman Khunda - 1st Kyu
And a special congratulations to Harry Fahey who successfully passed a very tough Dan Grading to achieve 2nd Dan



Manchester Youth Championships 2023
Congratulations to our club members on these fantastic results.
Elijah Latham - Bronze Kumite
Oliver Tickle - Bronze Kickmaster
Abi Hill - Bronze Kata
Noor Khunda - Bronze Kumite
A massive well done to all squad members including Harry Barrow, Luke Hurst and Jack Hurst who also gained some valuable competition experience.

Youth Open Karate Championships


Manchester Youth Open Karate Championships
26th November, 2023
George Carnall Leisure Centre
Kingsway Park
M41 7FJ
Entry now open through SportData



Congratulations to Sensei Peter Lee Bibby on passing and achieving WKF Referee A making him only 1 of 4 people who have the same achievements in England.

WKF World Senior Championships


Congratulations to the three EKF Referees selected to officiate at the WKF World Senior Championships in Budapest
EKF Referees
Dale Gamble
Tony Dent
Peter Bibby

Sale Competition


Sale Dojo Kumite Competition Results
Harry Culshaw - Bronze (Kumite)
Elijah Latham Silver (Kumite) & Bronze (Kickmaster)
Katie Jennings - Bronze (Kumite)
Bailey Munt - Silver (Kumite)
Mark Naylor - Bronze (Kumite)
Sam Jennings - Bronze (Kumite)

Matt Price Visit


We had the pleasure of hosting Sensei Matt Price, 7th Dan - JKS England Head Coach this evening. The session was fully booked out for what was a fantastic, enjoyable and worthwhile seminar.

Congratulations Sensei Serap


Congratulations Sensei Serap on passing EKF Kumite Referee B and EKF Kata Judge A at the British Karate Federation International Open in Sheffield this weekend at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre.

Kyu Gradings


Congratulations to all of the Students who passed their Gradings:-

Lower Grades:-
10th Kyu - Harry Culshaw
9th Kyu - Jack Williams, Jack Hurst
8th Kyu - Hareesh Pakeerathan, Abinash Pakeerathan, Luke Hurst, Eve Spooner, Lawrence Spooner
7th Kyu - Sam Clarkson, Sam Jennings, Elijah Latham
6th Kyu - Katie Jennings

Higher Grades:-
5th Kyu - Oliver Tickle, Cameron Littler, Lilly-May Bentham, Kai Marlow
Abi Hill - 4th Kyu
Rachel Hornby - 3rd Kyu
2nd Kyu - Lyndsey Clayton, Aiman Khunda



Congratulations to Sensei Natalie Hamilton and Sensei Lisa Foley who both passed EKF National Kumite Referee B and National Kata Judge A at the EKF National Championships in Cannock at the weekend. A big thank you also to Michael Spooner who went and volunteered as a Marshall. — at Cannock Chase Leisure Centre.

EKF National Championships


Volunteers wanted to help out at the EKF National Championships on 29th/30th July, 2023 in Cannock. If you’re available and interested in helping out at the EKF’s premier event, please click on the link below to register:-

Click Here!

WKF World Premier League


Sensei Peter will be Refereeing at the WKF World Premier League in Rabat, Morocco this weekend.

Kyu Gradings


Well done to the following who passed their grading tonight:-

Sarah Harrison - 7th Kyu
Mark Naylor - 8th Kyu
Kathryn Naylor - 9th Kyu

Kyu Gradings


Congratulations to our Students who graded this evening:-
Little Tigers:
Phoebe Clayton - White/Orange
Bonne Lee - White/Red
Jack Hurst - White/Red

9th Kyu - Lucas Jackson, Eve Spooner, Lawrence Spooner, Luke Hurst, Hareesh Pakeerathan, Abinash Pakeerathan, Millie Downs
8th Kyu - Alan Ritchie, George Jackson, Paul Shelley
Mike Spooner, Jonathan Rodman, Samuel Jennings, Sam Clarkson, Leia Smith, Elijah Latham
7th Kyu - Elliott Turner, Katie Jennings, Harry Barrow
6th Kyu - Oliver Tickle, Alex Hill, Kai Marlow, Cameron Littler, Lilly-May Bentham
5th Kyu - Abi Hill, Victoria Turner, Noor Khunda, Bailey Munt, Matthew Hartley, Meghan Hartley
4th Kyu - Wendy Hartley, Amy Wyche, Thomas Hornby

Yanagi Kai Club Championships Results


Adult Kata 3rd Kyu & Above
Melanie Lamb - Bronze

Mixed Kata 10th-7th Kyu
Oliver Tickle - Bronze

Boys Kickmaster
Alex Hill - Bronze

Boys Kumite 10th-7th Kyu
Oliver Tickle - Bronze

Girls Kumite 10th-7th Kyu
Katie Jennings - Bronze

Boys Kumite 3rd Kyu & Above
Bailey Munt - Bronze

Girls Kumite 10th-4th Kyu
Abi Hill - Bronze

Boys Cadet Kumite 3rd Kyu & Above
Harry Fahey - Bronze

Female Senior Kumite
Melanie Lamb - Bronze

Well done to all squad members for taking part and showing some excellent performances.

A New Brown Belt


A massive well done to Matthew Hornby who passed his Brown Belt 3rd Kyu Grading this evening that he missed in December due to illness.



On Thursday 23rd February, 2023 we will be holding a Karate 'Kickathon' where students attempt to complete as many Kicks as possible in a 60 second period. When we did a trial a couple of weeks ago the record was 65 kicks in a period of 60 seconds.

On February 23rd, we will make this a sponsored event in an attempt to raise money for the club so that we can hopefully purchase as many sets of Mitts, Footpads, Strike Shields and other essential equipment for training and competition. This equipment can be expensive and with the current cost of living crisis, some students simply cannot afford to buy everything they need. Hopefully we will raise enough money to get all students the essential equipment they need.

There will also be a special prize for the Student who gets the most sponsorship.



Sensie Peter Bibby flew out to referee at the WKF Athens Karate finals.

New Year


Wishing all our students a happy New Year.

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