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Red Sun Shotokan Karate® has specialized in martial arts since 1986 and has one of the most innovative programs.

Welcome to RED SUN SHOTOKAN KARATE. Red Sun Shotokan Karate offers a safe, friendly and disciplined environment to learn the traditional Japanese martial art of Shotokan Karate. We are members of the Yanagi Kai Karate Association and the English Karate Federation which is the only governing body for English Karate recognised by the World Karate Federation.

Peter Lee Bibby

Chief Instructor

We offer excellent tuition to students of all ages by fully qualified and very experienced instructors who have been training in the martial art for years. The cost of tuition is the lowest priced around with no stupid up front membership fee's. We give all new starters a week of free lessons and a discount to families.

We have a mixture of both male and female students that range from 5 years of age to adult. Your first two lessons are absolutely free. The price of a normal lesson costs only £6.00 per person, the Karate suit costs as little as £25 and the membership fee is only £25 per year which includes personal idemnity insurance and your Yanagi Kai licence and grading record booklet. This also provides membership of the English Karate Federation and affiliation to the World Karate Federation. To find out more about when and where we train, please take a look at our 'Classes' page.

We practice the ancient Japanese style of Shotokan Karate. Shotokan is one of the oldest and original styles of Karate which originated from Japan. We follow the teachings of Master Hirokazu Kanazawa, 10th Dan of Shotokan Karate International. To read more about the history of Karate, please visit the 'History' page.

Not only does our club have regular training sessions, we also have regular courses and events that are open to all students no matter what age or grade. If you have a competitive nature, we also participate in regular competitions were students may compete against students from other clubs and associations. However, competition is not compulsory. Check out our 'Events' page for future courses and events.

One of the most challenging aspects of Karate is grading. Students take Kyu and Dan grade examinations to test the knowledge and standard that they have. They are then awarded coloured belts (Kyu Grades) or Black belts (Dan Grades) depending on their standard, knowledge and time served in the art. New and Old students are welcome whether you have previously trained with us before or not. Students from other Karate schools or any other martial arts are also welcome. If you have previously graded at another school, you will be entitled to keep that grade until you have reached the necessary standard to continue. Check out our 'Grades' page for more information on the Shotokan Grading system.

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Red Sun Shotokan Karate® teaching martial arts since 1986 and has one of the most innovative programmes in the nation.