Peter Lee Bibby

Chief Instructor

Achievements :- 9th Kyu May 1984 8th Kyu May 1984 7th Kyu September 1984 6th Kyu December 1984 5th Kyu March 1985 4th Kyu June 1985 3rd Kyu September 1985 2nd Kyu June 1986 1st Kyu September 1986 1st Dan

Gemma Holland

Senior Instructor

3rd Dan

Lisa Foley

Club Instructor

Achievements:- 9th Kyu March 1994 8th Kyu December 1994 7th Kyu March 1995 6th Kyu November 1995 5th Kyu Marh 1996 4th Kyu September 1996 3rd Kyu June 1997 2nd Kyu August 1997 1st Kyu March 1998 1st Dan September

Natalie Hamilton

Club Instructor

3rd Dan


Red Sun Shotokan Karate teaching martial arts since 1986 and has one of the most innovative programs in the nation.