Red Sun Karate News 2022

Commonwealth Karate Championships


Four instructors from Red Sun have been selected to officiate at the 10:48 03/09/2022 next weekend. Peter Lee Bibby, Lisa Foley, Natalie Hamilton & Serap Kilic-Turner will officiate at the Commonwealth Club Championships on 10th & 11th September. Chief Instructor Peter Lee Bibby has also been selected as a Tatami Manager and will also officiate at the Commonwealth Elite Championships 7th-9th September. A fantastic achievement for one club to have four members involved in such a prestigious event.

Durham North East Open


Congratulations to Grace Shaftoe - 2nd Place: Female Cadet Kata.

Kyu Grading


Congratulations to the following students who were successful at today’s Kyu Grading:-
Samuel Jennings - 10th Kyu
Hayley Kennedy - 9th Kyu
Katie Jennings - 9th Kyu
Harry Barrow - 9th Kyu
Lilly-May Bentham - 8th Kyu
Grace Shaftoe - 8th Kyu
Samuel Dyson - 8th Kyu
Alex Hill - 8th Kyu
Kai Marlow - 8th Kyu
Noor Khunda - 7th Kyu
Abi Hill - 7th Kyu
Bailey Munt - 7th Kyu
Matthew Hartley - 6th Kyu
Wendy Hartley - 6th Kyu
Meghan Hartley- 6th Kyu
Amy Wyche - 6th Kyu
Rachel Wyche - 6th Kyu
Thomas Hornby - 5th Kyu
Aiman Khunda - 4th Kyu
Eowyn Gore - 4th Kyu

Kyu Grading


Congratulations to our Little Tigers who passed their Grading this week:-
Charlie Reid - White/Orange
Elliott Pilgrim - White/Orange
Samuel Clarkson - White/Orange
Wiktoria Adamczyk- White/Red
Millie Downs - White/Red
Octavia-Rose Munt - Orange
Bobbi Sharples - White/Orange
Harrison Adshead - White/Orange
Lilah Robinson - White/Red
Elijah Latham - White/Red
Flynn Shuttleworth - White/Red

And congratulations to Cameron Littler (8th Kyu) and Jonathon Rodman (9th Kyu) who passed their Gradings.

Kyu Grading


Congratulations to the following successful students who graded this evening at Coppull:-

Sheena Porter - 1st Kyu
Natasha Worthington - 2nd Kyu
Ellis Fahey - 2nd Kyu
Kyle Gore - 3rd Kyu

Kyu Grading


Congratulations to our Little Tigers on passing their grades:-
Harry Barrow
Katie Jennings
Flynn Shuttleworth
Harvey Mason
Wiktoria Adamczyk
Millie Downs
Octavia-Rose Munt
Santina Carcione

Congratulations to everyone who graded at Red Sun this afternoon:-
*White - Orange 9th Kyu*
Alex Hill
Kai Marlow
Grace Shaftoe
Ruby Fisher
Lilly-May Bentham
Lexi Murray
Matthew Dudley
Cameron Littler
Sarah Fahey
Samuel Dyson

*Orange 9th Kyu - Red 8th Kyu*
Marcus Unwin
J-Jay Rocket
Noor Khunda
Oliver Tickle
Bailey Munt
Abi Hill

*Red 8th Kyu - Yellow 7th Kyu*
Rachel Wyche
Amy Wyche
Victoria Turner

*Yellow 7th Kyu - Green 6th Kyu*
Aiman Khunda

*6th Kyu Green - 5th Kyu Purple*
Dylan Hunt
Eowyn Gore

*5th Kyu Purple - 4th Kyu* Purple/White
Lyndsey Clayton



Congratulations to Sensei Lisa Foley who passed her EKF National Kumite Judge’s Assessment at the BKF 4 Nations Championships in Leicester 09/04/2022.

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