Handyside Points 2022

Points awarded after each session to students who show the most consistent effort.

This year we will once again be running the Phil Handyside Award for the student who makes the most consistent effort throughout the year. For those of you who have just joined or recently joined, Kancho Phil Handyside 9th Dan was our founder and former Chief Instructor who sadly passed away in February 2019. After his passing, we decided to rename our student of the year award in his honour and students accumulate points each week for effort and performances during training sessions. The student with the most points at the end of the year receives the prestigious award.

The Handyside table will not be updated during November and December, to keep the Handyside award presentation a surprise.  Good luck to all students!

Natasha W10
Aiman K15
Ellis F13
Harry F12
Oliver T9
Santina C9
Bailey M10
Harry H10
Lindsey C8
Meghan H9
Noor K6
Rachel W2
Alex T3
Issac WH1
Kyle G11
Hind S3
Millie D4
Rebecca W2
Dylan H6
Sheena P9
Conor F2
Serap KT3
Blake S9
Dolly B2
Bonne H9
Wendy H3
Eowyn G9
Rachel H3
Matthew Ho4
Matthew Ha2
Alex H1
Mel L5
Amy W5
Abi H6
Grace S8
Ruby F9
Harry B3
Elliot T1
Lexi M7
Aimee L4
Owen H4
Victoria T2
Harvey M5
Lilly-May B4
Liam M1
Samuel D9
Mark H2
Kyle M1
Sarah F6
Elijah L2
Octavia M4
Flynn S6
Jenson R3
Lilah R2
Katie J4
Charlie R2
Cameron L3
Harrow B2
Wiktoria A2
Natalie H1


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