Red Sun Karate News

Cumbrian Open


Proud Sensei Day at the Cumbrian Open:-
Dylan Hunt - Bronze Medal Kata
Owen Hamilton - Bronze Medal Kumite
Excellent reports from all Tatami Managers for our 4 Lady Referees Lisa Foley, Natalie Hamilton, Serap Kilic-Turner and Gemma Holland. A big thanks to Harry Hodgkinson for coaching the guys.

COVID Update


As Covid restrictions have now eased and limits on class sizes have been removed, our Association Yanagi Kai have made the decision to remove the requirement to Pre-Book sessions.

So, commencing on Monday 23rd August, students can just turn up to sessions without the need to pre-book. However, sessions still need to be Pre-paid by Bank Transfer before the session if you're on Pay-As-You-Train.

Also, Higher Grade Students are welcome to attend the 6:30pm sessions on Monday's & Thursday's for extra training. However, please be aware that the content during these sessions will be basic and these sessions do not count towards your grading target. Only Higher Grade/Senior Grade Sessions count towards your Grading.

Here is a list of the full sessions available and who they are available to:-
Monday's & Thursday's 6:30pm-7:30pm - All Grades Welcome
Monday's & Thursday's 7:30pm-8:30pm - 4th Kyu & Above Only
Wednesday's 8pm-9pm - Senior Grades Only

Kyu Grading


Congratulations to everyone who graded:-
Elliott Turner - 10th Kyu
Oliver Tickle - 10th Kyu
Bailey Munt - 10th Kyu
Amy Wyche - 9th Kyu
Rachel Wyche - 9th Kyu
Victoria Turner - 9th Kyu
William White - 8th Kyu
Lennon Roddy-Firth - 8th Kyu
Mark Hartley - 7th Kyu
Eowyn Gore - 7th Kyu
Liam Morrell - 7th Kyu
Kyle Morrell - 7th Kyu
Kyle Gore - 5th Kyu

Dan Grading


Well I have to say what a fantastic day for Red Sun Shotokan Karate with two successful gradings. After a very tough 12-15 months it finally looks like the club is getting back on its feet. This is purely down to the resilience of the members and the dedication of the instructors that have helped me through the pandemic.

Congratulations to Melanie Lamb who has today become our newest Dan Grade after passing Shodan.

Also to the following students who successfully graded this afternoon in a hot and sweaty Dojo:-
Matt Hornby - 4th Kyu
Rachel Hornby - 4th Kyu
Natasha Worthington - 4th Kyu
Thomas Hornby - 7th Kyu
Auryn Haynes - 8th Kyu

Well done to the four guys who took pre-gradings today. A good run out and some valuable feedback for the future big day.

Dan Grading


On Sunday 20th December, 2020 a selection of students undertook Kyu Grade Examinations in an attempt to gain their next grade. After some great performances, the following students gained new Kyu Grades:-

Lucia Larner - 10th Kyu
Mark Hartley - 9th Kyu
Wendy Hartley - 9th Kyu
Matthew Hartley - 9th Kyu
Meghan Hartley - 9th Kyu
Lennon Roddy-Firth - 9th Kyu
Auryn Haynes - 9th Kyu
Seren Haynes - 8th Kyu
Jack Buono - 7th Kyu

Natalie Hamilton, 3rd Dan
Lisa Foley, 3rd Dan

Assistant Examiners:-
Serap Kilic-Turner, 3rd Dan
Rebecca Worthington, 2nd Dan

Later the same day, we held a Pre-Dan course and Dan Grade Examination were students either take a Pre-Dan Assessment for future Dan Grading or take Dan Grade Examination. After completing a successful course and examination, the following student passed their Dan Grade Examination:-

Harry Hodgkinson - 2nd Dan

Ian Swain, 7th Dan (Association Chief Instructor)
Peter Bibby, 6th Dan (Club Chief Instructor)

Dan Grading

Thursday 19th March, 2020

On Thursday 19th March, 2020 two of our senior students from the Red Sun Dojo in Coppull took Dan Grade Examinations under the watchful eye of Red Sun Chief Instructor Peter Bibby, 6th Dan. After a challenging examination, Gary Lloyd passed Nidan and Serap Kilic-Turner passed Sandan. A very well done to both of you.

Dan Grading


On Monday 16th December, 2019 three students from the Red Sun Dojo in Coppull took Dan Grading Examinations under the watchful eye of Red Sun Chief Instructor Peter Bibby, 6th Dan and guest examiner Chris Ratcliffe, 6th Dan. After a very tough and grueling examination, Joe Harte passed Shodan, Rebecca Worthington passed Nidan and 19 years after her last examination, Lisa Foley passed Sandan. A very well done to you all.

World Karate Federation Junior, Cadet & U21 World Championships

16th-27th October, 2019 - Santiago De Chile

At the recent WKF World Junior, Cadet & U21 Championships in Santiago De Chile, Red Sun Chief Instructor Peter Bibby (pictured here with EKF Chief Referee Dale Gamble & EKF Assistant Chief Referee Tony Dent) was awarded World Kumite Referee 'A'. The 9 days 0f assessments and examinations proved to be very challenging as they were marred with violent protests in Chile over the rise in cost of public transport. Peter was one of two English Officials who successfully gained new qualifications despite very challenging circumstances.


13th & 14th July, 2019 - Sheffield

At the recent EKF National Championships at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield, Yanagi Kai took a young enthusiastic squad hoping to top the medal table for the first time. Two Red Sun members were lucky enough to gain selection and repaid the faith from Sensei's Ian Swain & Mark Holding by adding to the medal tally. Lili-Grayce Bibby came away with two fantastic Gold's after dominating in the Individual Kumite and helping the Team to well fought Gold which pleased team coach Lauren Tutty. Joe Harte also added a Bronze for some great efforts fighting for the team. It was also a special day for the Bibby family with Dad & Sensei Peter Bibby running the tournament as Chief Referee.

Dan Grading

Thursday 20th December, 2018

On Thursday 20th December, three students from the Red Sun Dojo in Coppull took Dan Grade Examinations under the watchful eye of Red Sun Chief Instructor Peter Bibby, 6th Dan. After a very tough and gruelling examination, Harry Hodgkinson and Isaac Whittle-Hooper passed Shodan whilst a very emotional Natalie Seed passed Sandan.
A very well done to you all.
red sun karate dan grading

Dan Grading


Congratulations to all our students who passed grading.  Well done!

Milan Marta - 3rd Kyu, Owen Hamilton - 5th Kyu, Bonne Holland - 6th Kyu, Lilly Hodgkinson - 6th Kyu, Liam Fish - 8th Kyu, Alex Turner - 8th Kyu, Matt Hornby - 10th Kyu, Rachel Hornby - 10th Kyu, Cara Hudson - 10th Kyu, Samuel Burns - 10th Kyu, Summer Jones - 10th Kyu, Maebh Harling - 10th Kyu and Beth Evenden - 10th Kyu

WORLD KARATE FEDERATION, Senior world championships

madrid 30/10/18 - 09/11/18

At the recent WKF World Senior Championships in Madrid, Red Sun Chief Instructor Peter Bibby (pictured here with European Karate Federation Referee Commission Chairman Alois Weissbock) was awarded World Kumite Referee 'B' after 11 days 0f assessments and examinations. Peter was one of three English Officials who successfully gained new qualifications.



At the recent WKF K1 Premier League in Dubai, Red Sun Chief Instructor Peter Bibby was awarded his World Kata Judge 'B' after four days of assessments. This makes Peter one of only five English Officials to hold both a Kumite and Kata qualification at WKF level.

Dan Grading


On Thursday 1st February, four students from the Red Sun Dojo in Coppull took Dan Grade Examinations under the watchful eye of Red Sun Chief Instructor Peter Bibby, 6th Dan and visiting SKO Chief Instructor P.A.J. Handyside, 9th Dan. After a very tough and gruelling examination, Dwayne Leach, Gary Lloyd and Jaxon Worrell passed Shodan whilst a very exhausted Gemma Holland passed Sandan despite being three months pregnant. A very well done to you all.




On Saturday 17th January, 2018 two students from Red Sun travelled with the Yanagi Kai Squad to the E.K.F. National Kyu Grade & Junior Dan Grade Championships in Leicester. After some fantastic performances battling through five rounds, Joe Harte became the first student from the Coppull Dojo to become the EKF National Kumite Champion . Isaac Whittle-Hooper also competed in the Kata and Kumite but was unlucky not to progress through the first rounds due to very large entries and a very high standard but gained some valuable experience.


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